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OTKRITIE Hires International Fixed Income Team in London

OTKRITIE, one of the largest financial groups in Russia, is proud to announce the appointment of a new Fixed Income team to its Global Markets and Investment Banking division in London.

The latest in a rapid expansion campaign for its Global Equity Business, OTKRITIE knows the hires will enable the firm to emulate its position as a leading domestic player, on an international basis.

George Urumov joins as Managing Director and Global Head of Fixed Income at OTKRITIE. Previously, Mr Urumov was head of CEEMEA sales and trading for Knight Capital (Europe), where he built a successful franchise in less than 18 months trading in excess of USD100bn of bonds. Prior to that, he was Director of EMEA Trading at HSBC Bank and a credit trader at Lehman Brothers. Mr Urumov has a MSc in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics.

Alessandro Gherzi has been appointed Head of International Sales. Mr Gherzi is a former Director of EM Sales at Knight Capital (Europe), where he covered CIS accounts as well as some of the largest European and UK investment funds. He previously worked on Fixed Income EM Sales and Origination at J.P. Morgan, Fixed Income Origination at Credit Suisse and the DCM and syndication groups at Lehman Brothers. Mr Gherzi has a MSc in Management from the London School of Economics.

Alisa Mujagic, Nipun Ramaiya and Jamil Mufti, all join as Directors of International Sales.

Ms Mujagic was previously a Director of EM Sales at Knight Capital (Europe), where she covered mostly UK real money as well as trading African and Middle Eastern bonds. Prior to that, she was a Director at UBA Capital and an Account Manager at the New York Stock Exchange. Ms Mujagic has a MA in International Affairs from Columbia University.

Mr Ramaiya was also a Director of EM Sales at Knight Capital (Europe), covering primarily European long-only money managers. Previously, he was a Market Maker and Proprietary Trader for the EM team at RBS and a Director of EM Trading at Merrill Lynch. Nipun has a MBA in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.

Mr Mufti is a former sales trader at Knight Capital (Europe), responsible for Middle East and Sukuk bonds on the EM Fixed Income desk. Prior to that, he was a Junior Portfolio Manager on the EM team at BlueBay Asset Management. Mr Mufti graduated with a first class honours in Economics from Greenwich University.

Roman Lokhov, CEO of OTKRITIE Securities Limited and Head of OTKRITIE’s Global Markets and Investment Banking business, said:
“We are very pleased to welcome onboard a new Fixed Income team, in addition to our Global Equity business and Global Electronic Trading Services in London. There is strong interest from our international customers for Fixed Income products and our commitment to hiring the best people will enable us to meet their requirements. OTKRITIE has taken a leading position in the Russian market, having established a strong Fixed Income business domestically and we are determined to build on this success internationally. The team’s combined experience should help position OTKRITIE as a global player on the securities market targeting clients in CIS countries, Europe, Asia and North America.”

OTKRITIE Financial Corporation is one of Russia’s leading financial firms, with key business areas in investment banking, commercial banking, brokerage services and asset management. OTKRITIE FC’s main subsidiaries are OTKRITIE Bank Open Joint Stock Company, OTKRITIE Brokerage House Open Joint Stock Company, OTKRITIE Asset Management LLC, Otkritie Securities Limited and Otkritie Finance (Cyprus) Limited. At present, OTKRITIE FC offers its retail, corporate and institutional clients a wide range of services on the Russian and global capital markets, as well as a line of classic banking products.
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